The three legs of Phrelard

Like a tripod, Phrelard derives its strength from three neighborhoods.

Phinney Ridge

Perched on the top of the hill is Phinney Ridge.


Known as the Center of the Universe, Fremont is full of great food and drink as well as lots of art.


Formerly home to seamen, now home to condos and townhouses.

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Our Favorite Places of 2016

So many great places, but here's where you'll find us in 2016

Sully's Snowgoose

Neighborhood pub

Cozy cabin feel, lots of great beers on tap and sometimes even amazing service.

Flying Apron


Great food and coffee even for those of us who are not vegan and gluten free.



We have to include this just because we like the name. As a bonus the pizza isn't terrible.

Want to join us?

We'd love to help you experience Phrelard and find a patch to call your own.